Just to say that the staff have thoroughly enjoyed all the training  they have received and have said they have learnt new things from them to put into practice also a big thanks to Ieva for making the courses enjoyable whilst the staff learnt, they all said how amazing she was.

The Beeches Care Home – Angela Wade Manager

The training we have completed will be helpful to all of our staff in their everyday job roles and has made them think about and question things more than they maybe previously were.

The training we have completed has not currently identified any other training needs for us except possibly team building.

We cannot suggest any changes at this time.

Our trainer Ieva was fantastic. We all found her very interesting and informative but fun also. I have to say she is an asset for your company.

Cherry Lodge Residential home – Sara barber Manager

The training provided has allowed all our staff to have similar theoretical skills and has given the new staff more confidence in  doing their job. We had very positive feedback from our staff who have appreciated the interactive nature of the training delivered as they were involved and challenged to come up with answers in group workshops or individual assessments.

Our Company has always promoted face to face training as this is a much better way of learning for all our staff. They can interact with the trainer, ask relevant questions and learn a lot more than if they were doing the training online. During these discussions and interactions between staff and trainers, we can easily see what we need to improve on and plan the future training sessions accordingly. We want to continuously improve and providing the right training or update for our staff is crucial in achieving that  goal. We have done quite a few training sessions through your company: from food hygiene to infection control, dementia and MCA dolls, diabetes, fire and health and safety. We would like to continue with regular updates for all our staff and perhaps explore the area of non-mandatory training or other areas we haven’t tacked in a while. Documentation, GDPR, confidentiality as well as being a role model. There are many areas that we can explore further should you be able to provide additional support.

In terms of improvements, as I explained, we have received positive feedback so we are quite happy with the results so far.

The trainers have been really, really good: approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. Additionally, they have made the training sessions quite fun engaging the staff and turning the whole training experience into a very positive one. In fact, staff have asked me when they will get more training this year and whether Eva will be their trainer. I can say that I don't get that very often which is another indicator of how much they really enjoyed this.

Chilton Croft Nursing Home – Sabin Mos General manager

We have found the training very useful, not only did we cover some of the mandatory that were needed, we also had training in subjects that covered health needs specific to our people. I feel that staff are more confident in looking out for health alerts and also they can see why I give them endless forms to document why we do what we do and the importance of evidence. I have had positive feedback from the staff about the Claire, the trainer. She knew the subject matter and also has the added bonus of experiencing care work. She engaged the whole group and everyone felt like they could speak up. Her delivery was very good. I asked the staff if there were any improvements you could make and they couldn't think of any. We do not have any other training needs at the moment.

Thank you for a good service.

Funded training is helpful to our home and the staff team as it provides us with good quality training to ensure our staff are able to deliver a service to our resident's by suitably qualified staff, we are a small provider and training is a substantial outlay for us, receiving funded training allows us to allocate money for other things, allowing us to continue our services and ensure staff receive good quality training from yourselves.

The training has identified within our staff team areas for progression for individuals, we have promoted staff to Senior based on the previous training and this requires them to take on further training for that role as well as new staff coming through that will require training.

We are continually training our staff team.

Staff have all commented on how well the training courses are, they are interactive and allow staff to think and give input, staff have stated that this is more enjoyable, they learn more through this than other training providers who use only Powerpoint so we do not have any suggestions for improvement.

Ieva is an excellent trainer, staff have stated that she is engaging, thorough and always willing to allow discussion, she has helped staff with relating the training to their place of work so they can see how to change/improve/reflect on their practice.

Staff are keen to attend training with Eva which is always nice to hear.

Royal Avenue Residential Home - Patricia Barnard owner/ manager

This training has certainly helped new members of staff and current staff to continue their professional development for the skills required to maintain compliance and improve knowledge.

The training is useful to staff as there are always new things that can be learnt even though staff may have been employed for a long time, it is also good practice to have refresher courses annually for mandatory training.

Possible improvements would be to have one training day each month instead of in quick succession.  The training courses that were delivered were made fun and interesting, staff feedback was that they enjoyed the training and the tutor was very knowledgeable.

The feedback from the staff that received the training was very positive.  All staff commented that the trainer was very knowledgeable and made the training fun to learn.  The interactions that were used to deliver the training were excellent, i.e; working in groups which held the staffs attention. 


Well done A1 Training.

Ingham Old Hall Care Home – Sylvia Parks Manager

The training  has helped to underpin the  knowledge of the staff team, We are currently undertaking a review of the training needs of the company, the training that we have completed at the present time will help to identify and support the plan going forward. There are changes we suggest at present.

The knowledge of  the trainers has been of a consistent high quality we have clear open dialogue with A1 and this has ensures that we are offered skilled and knowledgeable trainers.

Achieving Aspirations – Michelle Gill  Training and development manager

The Ashurst Care Home – Linda Jackson Manager

previous years

This training is excellent and our home has benefitted from it. All candidates who completed the training programme were very happy with the delivery and content. This programme got my full support and I will definitely be using A1 Social Care for further training.

I had a wonderful time and would tell everyone about it, it was a great experience.

Manager at BM Care / Green Hill Care Home, Barnet.

Emily, talking about ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course at Hatfield.

This has increased our staff’s professional development whilst supporting them with continuing adult learning. I can confidently recommend [A1 Social Care Training Ltd.] as a solid and reliable provider.

I found the course very useful and enjoyed working with other people on the course. I got a job!

Michelle Pointer, Training Manager. Azalea Court, Enfield.

Gloria, talking about ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course at Dollis Valley Rainbow’s Centre.

This programme is excellent, and our home has benefitted from it. The three candidates that we got through this [employability] programme are happy to be part of our team and they are committed to continuing with their career in care. This programme got my full support and I will definitely be employing more people from it.

It helped me provide a CV, I got offered 2 jobs, made friends and got loads of confidence. I never expected to find a job so quickly and I’m amazed at how my confidence has grown.

Veronica, BM Care / Green Hill Care Home, Barnet, talking about the ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course.

Sarah, talking about ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course at Hatfield.

He found time to help everyone with their problems.

I got 3 job offers. It’s beneficial to someone who wants to work and get a job.

Anonymous Feedback, talking about their tutor for ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course at Dollis Valley Rainbow’s Centre.

Jo, talking about ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care Course’ at Hatfield.

I’ve been able to develop my CV writing, cover letter, and interview skills. I am now fully confident that I’ll be able to get employed soon.

Felis, talking about ‘Preparing to Work in Health & Social Care’ course at Dollis Valley Rainbow’s Centre..

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